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Lancaster Police Station (Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA)

Lancaster Police Station (Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA)

This watercolor painting, Lancaster Police Station (Chestnut Street), was located on Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  It was painted as a fundraiser.  Click Fundraisers.    In 1955, the police force moved into this building, the Kendig Bare Public Safety Building.  Notice the details in the building, police car, and police officer - they are very accurate.  The Lancaster Bureau of Police used the red rose as their shoulder patch which represents Lancaster's historic relationship with the House of Lancaster in England.  In 2003, the artist presented this framed print to Lancaster Mayor Charlie Smithgall, Lancaster Police Chief, William Heim, and Lancaster's three Police Captains.  The artist has also painted two other Lancaster Police Stations.  Click Gallery.  This print is available as a limited edition and open edition.  This print can be framed with two openings - one for the print and the other for a certificate, etc.  (Certificate, newspaper article, honor, award, accolade, etc.) 
ORIGINAL FOR SALE - $5,000.00 - Watercolor On Paper
           Size - 6-1/4" x 13-1/4" - Signed and Dated 2003
500 Signed & # Prints (S/N)           50 Artist Proof Prints (A/P)
Print Size 7" x 15"                           Print Size 7" x 15"   
#1 Print - $300.00  SOLD             #1 A/P - $400.00  SOLD
#2 Print - $250.00                          #2 A/P - $350.00  SOLD
#3 Print - $200.00                          #3 A/P - $300.00 
#4 S/N - #500 - $60.00 each       #4 A/P - #50 - $90.00 each
         $175.00 to have the artist remarque your print.
Open Edition Prints
4-3/4" x 9-3/4"  $20.00 each
2-3/4" x 5-3/4"  $10.00 each
       Matting and framing available upon your request.

Prints available in all sizes.

Please call (717)684-7899 for details, or send an email below.

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