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Rockefeller Center and Christmas Tree (New York)

Rockefeller Center and Christmas Tree (New York)

The Tree at Rockefeller Center is an annual Christmas tree lighting event that takes place in New York City's Rockefeller Center.  The tradition began during the Depression-era construction of Rockefeller Center in 1931.  In this painting, the artist portrayed  the 71 foot Norway Spruce with about 30,000 lights.  The star atop was  9-1/2" feet in diameter and weighed 550 pounds.  In front of the tree is Paul Manship's gilded statue of the Greek legend, Prometheus, who brought fire to mankind.  On the skating rink is the artist's daughter, Alyssa, and his grandchildren, Maggie, Joey, and Michael.  They are surrounding good old Santa Claus. Note the Rockefeller tree surrounded by smaller trees, Prometheus, the buildings in the background, and the ice skaters - everything is exact.  The artist still remembers driving to Rockefeller Center with his mother and watching the many kids and adult ice skate on the rink.  It was a beautiful sight to see.  The details and vivid colors is this painting are truely magnificent!  This print is available as a limited edition, open edition, and as a collectible.  Individuals have even used this print framed with two openings - one for the print and the other for a photograph.  (Wedding, engagement, award, etc.)  
ORIGINAL FOR SALE - $12,000.00 - Watercolor On Board
            Size - 4-1/2" x 7-3/4" - Signed and Dated 2004
950 Signed & # Prints (S/N)           95 Artist Proof Prints (A/P)
Print Size 15" x 9-1/4"                     Print Size 15" x 9-1/4"      
#1 Print - $300.00                           #1 A/P - $350.00
#2 Print - $250.00                           #2 A/P - $300.00
#3 Print - $200.00                           #3 A/P - $250.00
#4 S/N - #950 - $60.00 each          #4 A/P - #95 - $90.00 each
         $175.00 to have the artist remarque your print!
Open Edition Prints
10" x 6"             $20.00 each
5-3/8" x 3-1/4"  $10.00 each
         Matting and framing available upon your request!

Prints available in all sizes.

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