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Fulton Opera House (Lancaster, PA)

Fulton Opera House (Lancaster, PA)

The Fulton Opera House is on North Prince Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Built in 1852 by local merchant Christopher Hager on the sight of a pre-Revolutionary war jail, Fulton Hall was a handsome three-story building.  There are stories of ghosts inside the building.  However, this artist never saw any ghosts the couple times he has attended a performance there.  The statue in the center of the building is of Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat, "Clermont."  When the building was being refurbished, it was learned that this large and heavy statue was not anchored.  It is now!  In this fine painting, the artist paid attention to a lot of architectural details.  Notice the unusually shaped windows and the symmetry of the building.  The marquees with "Hans Christian Anderson" are shown since it was playing in December of 1989. It was lightly snowing that beautiful evening and the artist depicted that too.  Notice the people inside the building.  Some of people on the sidewalk were of the artist's family, friends, employees or people instrumental with the life of the Fulton Opera House and Lancaster.  In the foreground, is the artist's friend and former Lancaster County Commissioner, Jim Huber, carrying a Christmas package. The artist's daughter, Alyssa, is standing in awe of the beautiful evening and is depicted twice.  The artist even researched the night sky with Franklin and Marshall's planetarium director and studied sky charts to make sure that the stars and moon in the painting were accurately portrayed.  The detail in this painting is just magnificent!  United Cerebral Palsy of Lancaster used this print for their Christmas card in 1990.  This print is available as a limited edition, open edition, and as a collectible.  Individuals have even had this print framed with two openings - one for the print and the other for a photograph, bulletin, newspaper article, etc. 
ORIGINAL FOR SALE - $40,000.00 - Watercolor On Paper
          Size - 15-3/4" x 14-1/2"- Signed and Dated 1989
950 Signed & # Prints (S/N)           95 Artist Proof Prints (A/P)
Print Size 16" x 14-3/4"                   Print Size 16" x 14-3/4"  
#1 Print - $750.00                          #1 A/P - $1,000.00  SOLD
#2 Print - $500.00                          #2 A/P - $750.00
#3 Print - $250.00                          #3 A/P - $500.00
#4 S/N - #950 - $150.00 each        #4 A/P - #95 - $90.00 each
          * Both limited edition series are almost retired!
           $175.00 to have the artist remarque your print!
Open Edition Prints
11-5/8" x 10-1/2"  $40.00 each
8-1/2" x 7-3/4"      $20.00 each
4-5/8" x 4-1/4"      $20.00 each
        Matting and framing available upon your request!

Prints available in all sizes.

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