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Lancaster County Courthouse (Lancaster, PA)

Lancaster County Courthouse (Lancaster, PA)

The Lancaster County Courthouse was build in 1852 and is located in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  The Roman-Revival-style courthouse and the addition of a modern annex present an interesting blend of architecture.  Note the blocks on the front of the building and the columns - they are exact in number, shape, and color.  The man, a former attorney and friend of the artist, is portrayed  walking up the old Courthouse step.   On the new courthouse side is an Amish man with a cane and basket walking to Central Market which the artist painted in 1989.  The windows in the building are exactly portrayed.  The dome with "Lady Justice" standing with scales and a sword is depicted with the exact number of bolts and other details.  It is one of the few statues in American in which she, "Lady Justice,"  is not blindfolded. The clock on the dome shows 1:32 p.m., which means that court was already in session - Court is in session at 1:30 p.m.  Notice interesting features like the signage, newspaper box, a fire plug, a parking meter - they too are all exact.  Like with most the artist's paintings, he used binoculars to view the buildings to capture all the little details.  However, in this case, while he was studying this building with his binoculars,  a police officer driving by and who did not know of him, almost arrested him.  He was checked out and was grateful to return to his studio instead of being behind bars.  A little trivia and humor!  As for this watercolor painting, the detail is astounding!  In 1985, the artist presented this print to Lancaster County Commissioners Brad S. Fischer and James E. Huber.  The print is now on display on the first floor of the courthouse.  It can also be seen in a judge's chambers and other offices.  Also, the artist's print title Colemanville Covered Bridge is in the Commissioners Office.  In 1996, the artist presented this print to former Attorney Edwin Meese III.  In 2003, the artist presented this print to former Pennsylvania Attorney General, Mike Fisher. In 2005, the artist presented this print to Pennsylvania Attorney General, Tom Corbett.  Click Credits.  This print is available as a limited edition and an open edition. 
ORIGINAL FOR SALE  - $32,000.00 - Watercolor On Paper
             Size - 21-1/2" x 16" - Signed and Dated 1985
950 Signed & # Prints (S/N)           95 Artist Proof Prints (A/P)
Print Size 20-1/4" x 15-1/4"            Print Size 20-1/4" x 15-1/4"   
#1 Print - $750.00  SOLD             #1 A/P - $1,000.00  SOLD
#2 Print - $500.00  SOLD             #2 A/P - $750.00
#3 Print - $400.00                          #3 A/P - $500.00
#4 S/N - #950 - $60.00 each         #4 A/P - #95 - $90.00 each
         $175.00 to have the artist remarque your print!
Open Edition Prints
14-1/4" x 10-1/2"  $40.00 each
9-3/4" x 7-3/8"       $20.00 each
5-5/8" x 4-1/4"       $10.00 each
       Matting and framing available upon your request!

Prints available in all sizes.

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