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Hermansader's Victorian Mansion (Columbia, PA)

Hermansader's Victorian Mansion (Columbia, PA)

This oil painting was painted in 1996.  In 1996, a record snow storm hit this area (32") and the artist depicted it like it was.  The artist and his wife, Linda, and their dachshunds live there now.  The property is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Mr. John J. Snyder, Jr., local historian, visited the home in 1990 and said,  "It is a fine regional example of late Victorian period architecture - and surely one of the best buildings of this specific period remaining in Columbia."  The land on which it sits was purchased by Dr. John K. Lineaweaver in 1872 and sold to Francis A. Bennett in 1889.  Mr. Bennett, the proprietor of a dry goods business located at 239-241 Locust Street, Columbia, Pennsylvania, built the home in 1890.  In 1897, Frank S. Given bought it; in 1920, Jay Herr bought it; in 1923, Henry Westerman bought it; in 1953, James W. Staman, Jr. bought it, in 1986, Charles R. Stark bought it; and in 1989, this artist bought it.   The building is a three story, three bay, stone and wood shingled Queen Anne house.  Other architectural characteristics include a slate tower, a cross gable that is half-timbered with three double windows, a bay window on the second story, and a veranda with clustered posts and pedimented entranceway.  The mansion has 20 rooms and is very authentic.  According to a history book, it was on a street known as "Millionaire's Row."  It is now used as a home and art gallery. Notice all the details in the painting.  Each and every stone, window and piece of wood was counted and depicted.  In the painting, notice the snowman with a sled proped up on a tree on the left side of the composition.  The artist took the liberty of eliminating some of the buildings on the right side as it might have appeared years ago.  The home even has a friendly ghost!  The artist witnessed her - she looked to be in her 60's, had grey hair and was dressed in a white Victorian dress.  He only saw her once.  Behind the mansion is an ornate gazebo and jacuzzi and a large pond filled with goldfish, koi  and a waterfall.  There are many plantings and trees including Japanese maples  On one side of the building there is wisteria growing on a rustic fence.  In the spring, the wisteria is purple and beautiful as well as the dogwoods.   Hundreds of tulips, daffodils, German iris, and more dod the landscape.  There are three pergolas with orange trumpet vines and clematis vines growing.  They, too, are beautiful especially in the summer.  All of the landscaping was designed by the artist with the help of his wife and a few professional landscapers.  In the rear of the property is a small building used as a picture framing shop.  Like the artist's artwork, this property is a labor of love.  Since the artist and his wife have owned the property, there have some great parties and good times living there.  Since the artist has lived here for over two decades, he is very familiar with the property and has seen a lot.  Therefore, it was easier for the artist to incorporate all the "little things" into this painting.  The details in this particular painting are tremendous!  This print is available as a limited edition, open edition and as a collectible.  
     ORIGINAL FOR SALE - $30,000.00 -  Oil On Canvas
            Size - 12" x 17-1/2" - Signed and Dated 1996
950 Signed & # Prints (S/N)           95 Artist Proof Prints (A/P)
Print Size 12-3/8" x 17-1/4"            Print Size 12-3/8" x 17-1/4"   
#1 Print - $750.00                          #1 A/P - $1000.00  SOLD
#2 Print - $500.00                          #2 A/P - $750.00
#3 Print - $300.00                          #3 A/P - $500.00
#4 S/N - #950 - $150.00 each       #4 A/P - #95 - $225.00 each
          $175.00 to have the artist remarque your print.
Open Edition Prints
8-1/8" x 11-1/2"  $40.00 each
6-1/4" x 8-3/4"    $20.00 each
5-1/4" x 7-1/2"    $15.00 each
3-7/8" x 5-5/8"    $10.00 each
       Matting and framing available upon your request.

Prints available in all sizes.

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