Tom has been painting commissions for individuals and companies for about forty years. His subject matter is diverse - portraits of homes, schools, businesses, boats, motorcycles, portraits of people and the family pet. Tom can paint anything! He usually paints from photographs, however, he also likes to personally see the subject matter and finish from life. He prefers to work in oil colors and watercolors but sometimes works in pencils, pastels and other mediums. (View Credits)

Prices for a commissioned painting vary according to subject matter, size, and the amount of detail a client requires. Tom also has a professional framing company to put the finishing touch on each commissioned piece.

Tom is revered as an artist and his work is collected by those who appreciate fine art, including many local professionals, business owners, and politicians in Lancaster County and beyond (View Credits) Imagine how great it would be to own an original Tom F. Hermansader painting - one of America's finest artists!

To discuss commissioning a painting for your personal collection or fundraising idea(s), please contact Tom.

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