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Buy Central Market NowCentral Market

Central Market


Central Market is in downtown Lancaster, PA and was built in 1889.

Buy Columbia Market House NowColumbia Market House

Columbia Market House

This watercolor painting of the Columbia Market House in Columbia, Pennsylvania was constructed in 1869.

Buy Hans Herr House NowHans Herr House

Hans Herr House


The Hans Herr House is located in Willow Street, Pennsylvania.

Buy Wright’s Mansion NowWright's mansion

Wright’s Mansion


This watercolor of the Wright's Mansion located in Columbia, Pennsylvania was the artist's first painting that he had reproduced.

Buy Conestoga House NowConestoga House

Conestoga House


This oil painting of the Conestoga House, is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Buy Donegal Presbyterian Church NowDonegal Presbyterian Church

Donegal Presbyterian Church


Donegal Presbyterian Church located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, was built around 1739.

Buy Star Barn NowStar Barn

Star Barn


This oil painting, Star Barn, is of a historic barn on Route 283, approximately eight miles southeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Buy Fulton Opera House NowThe Fulton

Fulton Opera House


The Fulton Opera House is located on North Prince Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Buy Emblem of Strength NowEmblem of Strength

Emblem of Strength


The Emblem of Strength painting was started one day after 9/11.

Buy Hermansader’s Mansion NowPainting of mansion

Hermansader’s Mansion


This oil painting was painted in 1996. In 1996, a record snow storm hit this area (32") and the artist depicted it like it was.