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Buy Mount Joy Town Clock Now

Mount Joy Town Clock

The original is listed at $700.00. It has been sold.

On February 18th, 1926, the Mount Joy Rotary Club was formed and Eugene Warden was named the first president of the club. Since then, the club has prided themselves on never having a member renamed as president, electing new leadership every year.old_mount_joy Through the years the club has served Mount Joy and its residents by providing opportunities to give back, entertaining at local events, and developing social and ecological infrastructure around town. We are always open and looking for ways to integrate and serve local organizations – if you think you have an event or idea that could benefit from Rotary’s assistance, we’d love to hear it – please let us know on our Contact Page. Alternatively, if you’re looking to join Rotary, or just want to find our more about us head on over to the Join Rotary Page or read up on the the Object of Rotary

The Mount Joy Rotary Club donated this clock to the borough in 2001. I painted it as a fund raiser in 2003. The Mount Joy Rotary Club continues the organization’s reputation of “Service Above Self” with their continued involvement in projects in the community and their code of ethics “The Four-Way Test”. Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? We are neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more. Whether you’re a student or starting your career, there are so many ways Rotary can help you become a better leader.


The watercolor painting is listed at $450.00.